• Celebrate I.T. Professionals Day!

    Celebrate I.T. Professionals Day!

    GLAF Celebrates National I.T. Professionals Day – celebrated on the third Tuesday of September – to recognize the technical experts — network engineers, system administrators, database admins, ethical hackers, and many more types of Information Technology professionals — who make sure computer systems and networks run smoothly. It takes a solid set of skills and…

  • Happy Labor Day Weekend!

    Happy Labor Day Weekend!

    GLAF celebrates all workers and laborers who work to provide for their individual families and contribute collectively to developing the Nations. Thank You To You All. And, Thank You Yo Everyone in the #GLAF Family Who Works Tirelessly Each Day.

  • VictoryPodcastS™ | Your Story

    VictoryPodcastS™ | Your Story

    GLAF CONSULTING launched VictoryPodcastS™ Solutions in the last quarter of 2020 to offer unique podcasting solutions for small business owners, creators, thought leaders, influencers, artists, and other professionals who want to share their experience, talents, and/or expertise with their clients, prospective clients, and audience by mean of audio and video podcasts series. GLAF VictoryPodcastS Solutions…