GLAF CONSULTING® | Inspiring Remarkable Business Owners and Their Teams Since 1997

In the beginning, we were GLAF CONSULTING, established in 1997 with a simple goal in mind: we want to offer our expertise to Boston small business owners and company executives who wanted to harmonize their business and fast emerging technologies.

Fast emerging technologies, at the end of the last century – were: (1) the personal computers to replace typewriters and fax machines, (2) dial-up internet and email (AOL®) to replace fax machines, (3) inkjet and laser printers to replace the now vantage dot matrix printers, among others.

We don’t look our age, but we just turn twenty-five years old!

GLAF CONSULTING® | Inspiring Remarkable Business Owners and Their Teams Since 1997

GLAF CONSULTING has a long history of building healthy relationships with information technologies and the people who use them to achieve success.

Twenty-Five years later this year – 1997-2022, GLAF continues to provide expertise and a broad of innovative solutions and services across more than two dozen domains and industries.

Thankfully to our clients who we are celebrating this year for allowing us to grow, GLAF complements its recommendations with implementation support, development – DevSecOps, training & tutoring, helpdesk support, and recycling services. Our recommendations, solutions, services, and operations are built on four pillars: SECURITY, PRIVACY, COMPLIANCE, and SUSTAINABILITY.

Our consultants typically work with business founders, owners, and company executives to capture their vision or company objectives. They submit to them the recommendations for achieving the expected results. We strive to establish business relationships that are built on TRUST, INTEGRITY, and PARTNERSHIP. When you work with us, you can count on these three values.

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