Happy Labor Day Weekend!

GLAF is a leading Business-to-Business (2B) and Business-to-Consumers (B2C) technology solutions provider and brand established in Boston, Massachusetts by Gaspard Lafalaise.

The formation of the word ‘GLAF‘ is the result of close compounding, blending, and clipping of the first and last names of the founder: Gaspard+LAFalaise.

The brand is in operation in the United States since 1997.

When GLAF is not capitalized, ‘glaf‘ is synonymous with great satisfaction, exceeding expectations, very glad, or very good cheers.

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How “glaf” is normally employed in a particular communicative context or ingroup conversations?

  • Customer Service Representative:
    A GLAF Tech Advisor is on his way to help you fix your computer troubles.
  • Client:
    Our office runs on technology, and GLAF helps keep our devices running in good order.
  • Phone/online chat communications:
    The consultant signed off after she wished all of us to “Have a very glaf day!
  • Online meetings/webinars:
    “Their meetings often start with the host greeting the attendance with “Welcome! We’re glaf you join us!
Happy Labor Day Weekend!
GLAF CONSULTING is celebrating, honoring, and recognizing laborers and workers and their contributions to the development of the nation. Happy Labor Day!

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We’ve very glaf you visit our web site. Have a very glaf day!