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  • 2021 | Glimpse of our Journey

    2021 | Glimpse of our Journey

    In 2021, we committed to making SUSTAINABILITY the fourth pillar of every GLAF Solution™ and Service. GLAF HelpDesk™ services expanded to help clients recycle, up-cycle, re-purpose, or dispose of their obsolete and unwanted devices: securely and responsibly. We deploy new technologies to help clients and their teams to work and collaborate securely and effectively from…

  • 2017 | Glimpse of our Journey

    2017 | Glimpse of our Journey

    We reached a significant milestone in 2017 when GLAF CONSULTING celebrated its twentieth anniversary. That same year, we made SECURITY, PRIVACY, and COMPLIANCE the three pillars of every solution and service we engineer, develop, implement, and support. GLAF CONSULTING on Twitter: “COMPLIANCE + ETHICS Let’s Celebrate National Compliance Officer Day! Our Compliance Officer is Your…

  • 2007 | Glimpse of Our Journey

    2007 | Glimpse of Our Journey

    2007 Marked Our Tenth Anniversary 2007 marked our tenth anniversary and was a particularly turbulent year for innovation as Microsoft®, Apple®, and Google® aggressively entered and joined RIM/BlackBerry® in the mobile devices marketplace to create both disturbances and opportunities for our clients. For several years forward, with our expert guidance (insight, recommendation, acquisition, implementation, integration,…