Month: September 2022

  • How Do You Manage Passwords?

    How Do You Manage Passwords?

    LastPass …| was recently hacked. Confirmed. LastPass develops a popular password manager app and plugin that stores nearly 25 Million Users’ passwords online. They are one of the world’s largest password managers. LogMeIn, Inc. (now GoTo) acquired LastPass in October 2015. Learn more. Do you have concerns about your corporate security or privacy? Do you…

  • Celebrate I.T. Professionals Day!

    Celebrate I.T. Professionals Day!

    GLAF Celebrates National I.T. Professionals Day – celebrated on the third Tuesday of September – to recognize the technical experts — network engineers, system administrators, database admins, ethical hackers, and many more types of Information Technology professionals — who make sure computer systems and networks run smoothly. It takes a solid set of skills and…

  • Happy National Guacamole Day!

    Happy National Guacamole Day!

    GLAF HelpDesk™ Celebrates National Guacamole Day this September 16th to bring fresh flavors together for the perfect celebration year [1997-2022]. Guacamole (or “guac”) is made of avocados. Cheers to GLAF CONSULTING® for Twenty-Five Years! GLAF embraces and celebrates National Days and International Days as a powerful advocacy and/or awareness-raising tool or action – perhaps just…